Summer Pajamas, Never Leave




In mid-September, I sewed a pair of summer pajamas for myself and then 2 weeks later, I sewed another pair, both using Liberty of London, I can tell a difference in my sleep because of it…

Yes, of course, I want to sew another pair but it’s going to be cold soon and I need to start cutting out colder weather pjs.

lakeside pjs lol

This pattern is by Grainline Studio, I have used her patterns before and I like her style. These pajamas are easy to cut, the construction mostly consist of 1/4″ bias tape! Yes, you cut an inch of fabric (approximately 7 yards) and whip up some sassy ass pajamas!


Working with such tiny bias tape is really not bad, it’s all in your tools, a bias tape tool, an iron, and all the starch! You need starch for this to keep your creases in check. After running your fabric through the maker, I starch again and press a final time for the 1/4″ tape you need, take your time, you don’t want to stretch your delicate fabric!

IMG_8456 I found working with Liberty of London (tana lawn) to be pleasing, I used a Microtex size 10 for the entire project and a straight stitch plate with Bernina 770 because of the thin fabric and I had no issues, as you can tell, I made two and really want to make another pair.

I made the top in a size 2 and the shorts in a 6 and am pleased, I might shorten my straps by an inch on my next pair if I remember, they are pjs, so, not a big deal, maybe I should just make a smaller top, but I doubt I cut out another paper one, again, BECAUSE PAJAMAS. I only needed 6 yards of bias tape, it totally is better to make 7 yards so you have enough, as the amount needed depends on your sizes. I found a tutorial if you need assistance with the binding on the shorts, YOU’RE WELCOME.

I am pretty happy to find such cute summertime pajamas to sew, I have been working on my plan to sew most of the things that I wear and sleepwear wasn’t necessarily on my radar, but I am glad that it is, now!

You can find the paper patter for the Lakeside Pajamas at indie fabric shops or the PDF at Grainline Studio’s site.

Modern Domestic has this pattern in stock and some Liberty of London (they also have voile if LoL isn’t your thing). I was recently there for Sewtopia planning and got to use their open studio to finish my shorts, I had a great time hanging out with the crew! Do they feel the same? Does it matter?

Liberty of London is much easier to find than ever before! The multi-color print (Claire Aude) is one of my favorites (my friend Emily used a tiny piece for a project and I’ve been in love since)! I spotted a bolt of this particular color at Josephine’s Dry Goods in Portland (I need a little more…).

Read how to use a bias tape maker here: Oliver + S

Thank you and goodnight.

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