Double Gauze Ruby Dress



This summer, I sewed something.


This pattern is Ruby Dress from Made by Rae, it’s a pretty quick sew and shifts seem to look good on a lot of bodies, so it’s worth a try. There’s a front and back yoke with a few gathers that give a little interest to this piece, still, pretty easy! I think this can be sewn in about 2 hours.

I used a Cotton + Steel double gauze and it feels really dreamy. In the front, I used stripes and a mustard near-solid print for the back main dress (the yoke is stripes, too). I used quilting cotton for finishing the arm and neck holes, though, the gauze would be too lumpy/bulky for all of that. Double gauze is easy to use in general, but, like all apparel, wash it at least once before cutting and sewing.


Ruby Dress pattern by Rae Hoekstra

I looked at all three measurements (bust, waist, hip) to decide on a size (XS), I usually go by bust measurement on dresses, that was the case here and it fits perfectly.

I sewed this on my Bernina 350 PE using a microtex (sharp) needle and polyester thread.


Ephemera Stripe by Cotton + Steel, you can find a bigger selection of gauze (double and single) at Bunny’s Designs


I just announced plans for Sew OK 2016! Check that out after you make something today!


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