Gemstone Skirt

I have been sewing only clothes the past month. I am working on building a wardrobe and will write about most of it to encourage others to do so. I plan to write up a big post about it in October.

I don’t feel like writing today, so here’s a list:

I did 3 rows of basting stitches for ruffling and it changed the game.

Rayon is not Oklahoma State Fair friendly due to high winds.

This blue is a neutral for me, I’ll wear any color with this. Okay, I’ll wear any color with anything.

I have one more Get Up and Go Skirt to share and then I’m done for a while. I am considering scheduling a class to teach this.

I have made this skirt several times and have changed nothing except the substrate, really, I have enjoyed this pattern in rayon the most. I bought this fabric to make an Akita Blouse, but changed it because I needed to write a post about hemming, this is much better to me as a skirt.


Sewing machine used: Bernina 770, which is wonderful for sewing rayon, it has dual feed, so evenly feeds your fabric as you sew.

Size: I made the XS skirt which needs about 1.25 yards if your print is non-directional, I cut the elastic using the suggestion for the size small skirt, do what’s best for your bottom.

Cotton + Steel rayon by Sarah Watts can be found at Intrepid Thread, they ship fast and have a great selection of rayon.

Get Up & Go Skirt can be found at

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