That Rayon, Though

I discovered this black and white stripe rayon this summer (from Rashida Colman-Hale for Cotton + Steel) and I fell hard for it. Seriously, I ordered enough to make 3 items! I want more, but I’ll calm down FOR NOW. It’s the business, though, quit playing.

I made one dress for my daughter and 2 items for myself with this print, here is my Get Up & Go Skirt, yes, I do love this pattern, I think I sewed it up in 1.5 hours. I have talked about it on old posts.


This is my first (but not last) skirt made with rayon. It feels so good and has a nice feel, it has a good flow-perfect for spring and summer and probably fall and winter…I feel like I can wear it with a sleeveless blouse (not pictured) or a sweater and through on a blazer in the cooler months. Let’s be for real, you can wear a blazer with ANYTHING.


I took off my sweater to show the waistband, the elastic is only in the back, so, no need to feel like you should have on a matching blouse (not that there’s anything wrong with that, hahaha).

It’s a little wrinkly right here, but it does iron nicely and care is not difficult. I found myself using more pins than I would normally (hardly any) with rayon to keep it in place and to prevent stretching. If you haven’t tried sewing with rayon, go for it, it’s very rewarding and feels so good, I feel like I have stepped up my apparel game by using it. I want most things made from rayon. This rayon, though…

Since I am making more clothes and writing about it, I want to note details about the process.

Sewing machine used: Bernina 350 PE

Size: I made the XS skirt which needs about 1.25 yards if your print is non-directional, I cut the elastic using the suggestion for the size small skirt to ensure I could get it over my jelly without issues.

You can find this rayon from Cotton + Steel at your local shop or nice online shops such as:

Intrepid Thread

Sew Modern

You can find the skirt pattern at Whipstitch.

3 thoughts on “That Rayon, Though

  1. Love the rayon! Thanks for making me buy some. It is the most slippery thing I’ve seen with, but with some pins, everything worked out. Dylan love the little Oliver and S dress I made her with it, because it is so “soft”. So, I ordered more in another Cotton and Steel print.

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