Fancy Fox for Baby J

I don’t make a lot of quilts as gifts, I just don’t have the time to give (and where do you draw the line?). A special and dear friend just welcomed a new baby in her family and she’s on that list where she gets a quilt). Honestly, I owe her a wedding one, but, I have allowed myself some time to get to it… I but my butt in gear since Heather’s mom asked for a quilt for the baby on the way, I had no choice but to DOUBLE DOWN and crank it out!

Fancy Fox Quilt


I used the Fancy Fox II Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman, it doesn’t take terribly long to piece, but the quilting sure did (for this size, at least)! I stayed up late or worked on it before soccer games so I could have it washed and ready for the baby shower, I am quite proud of myself for finishing it 5 days before it was due! No need to applaud, I opened champagne already and have moved on…

Baby J made his appearance this past weekend, I hope he enjoys his quilt! Congratulations Heather and Jonathan!

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