Myrtle the Third



This fabric is a lawn/voile by Sara Watts for Cotton + Steel, which is best suited for me (and clothing).

I have made the Myrtle dress in rayon, knit, and this last one, in voile. What can I say? I love them all.


I made the voile Myrtle in the longer length which surprises me, but it is flowy and QuiltCon got to witness that mess (shorter dress, very windy) in the rayon frock…yikes, thank heavens for opaque tights!

If you are new to garment-substrate sewing, my suggestion is to start with the voile, next move up to rayon, and graduate with knit, but, jump right on in if you prefer to do knits first!

bernina serger

I never give tips because I think everyone knows everything that I know, but realized that is not true, also, I learn new stuff everyday, we all do, right? I’ll try to give some pointers if I have something to share/time to type.

When I sew hems on most things, I prefer not to double-turn and stitch, I add the hem allowance together (for instance, 1/2″ + 1/2″ -OR- 1/4′ + 1/2″, etc.) and baste a stitch based on that measurement, so if the total is 1″, I baste a 1 inch stitch from the bottom of my skirt. Next, I serge the bottom edge, then, press on the basted line and topstitch. This method of basting your hemline still works even if you prefer to double-fold your hem, the guide is already there! Definitely use a larger stitch so you can easily remove the thread after topstitching.

To build on topstitching, using a twin needle for topstitching is really great.  I learned after my posting that I broke my twin needle on a straight-stitch plate on my Bernina 7 series that I can tell/program the machine that I’m using a different plate (and there are settings for needles, too) and no more destroying pricey needles! Anyway, on this dress, I made two separate stitches.


You can find the Myrtle Dress pattern at local sewing shops (support the small people, they know your name) or from Colette Patterns.

4 thoughts on “Myrtle the Third

    1. I am not the biggest fan of knits on myself, so I get it, you have to fuss with the cowl a little in knit while wearing it, but overall, it’s good.

  1. Very cute Myrtle – I need to get cracking on my version soon. I have done all my hems the way you’ve mentioned… at least I know I’m not the only one now!

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