Amy’s Boxcar Tote

Way back in October, I started this bag as a gift for Amy/Sukie as a “Congratulations on your first Sewtopia!” gift.

Then, it turned in to a “Happy (December) birthday!” gift.

Finally, in February, I finished it, Happy Valentine’s Day!


boxcar fr

This pattern is the Boxcar Tote by GreenBee patterns, it is a great pattern and great bag! I made 2 of these totes prior to this one for Cookie Book (Kim Kight’s line for Cotton + Steel).

All of the pieces are interfaced (except trim) and it makes the bag sturdy and buff, she’s ready for stuffing! This tote is perfect for hauling all kinds of goods, I recently used mine for classes at Quiltcon and it was perfect.

I used linen blends for this whole bag and it was too much to have it as trim, too, so I switched it out for a quilting cotton, I like this print much better with these fabrics, anyhow.


boxcar bk

One of the things that I love about this pattern are the pockets, there are 2 on the outside and one inside, they are wide pockets which makes it nice for toting books, file folders, etc., on one of the outer pockets, I divided it in to 2 pockets (I just stitched in the ditch) for smaller items. There’s a magnetic closure at the top, which is appreciated if you don’t have items spilling out of it (I never do stuff like that). EVER.

I hope that Amy loves her bag, because it took forever, even though it’s a simple bag.



The BOXCAR TOTE pattern can be found in fabric shops and I have some for sale, too.

fabrics: various Japanese-import linens, shop at Bunny’s Designs for a great selection

Glasses: a hipster place

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