Knit Myrtle Dress

I made another Myrtle Dress!

I usually make multiples of things, especially clothing, the money spent on the pattern, time to trace or tape it together, and then actually sewing warrants duplicates for me.



Myrtle by Colette Patterns was designed/written for knits and with a couple of easy adjustments, can be used with woven fabrics. My first one was with rayon and it feels lovely. I don’t typically wear knit dresses (except Ponte knit), but I love this print from Sara Lawson so much, I thought that I should give it a go. I’m glad that I did, I really like it, the weight is nice! This print is suitable for apparel, especially adult clothing.

About my Myrtle:

I made an XS and without shoulder tabs, they look cute, but those will just be in the way of my cardigans! Ha! When I select a size for apparel, I go with the measurement that seems essential, with this dress, it’s the bust. I always read the finished measurement sizes, too just in case. I know what you are thinking, no, I didn’t make a muslin. So, call the cops…

I made the shorter version, by the way, I haven’t gotten to the point where I really love dresses below my knee, especially with boots season.

The elastic in the waist sets off the dress to look nice and somewhat fitted.



Excuse my dress’ placement, it was windy, we had somewhere else to be, and I wasn’t actually wearing this as my outfit so I quickly put it on and asked my daughter to take photos.

Sewing a knit dress isn’t hard, there’s no reason to be afraid. You have to be a little careful with your fabric, though, I stretched my neck back a little when I was finishing the edges. I always stay-stitch on wovens and just didn’t think about it with this, lesson learned.

If you don’t already know, use a needle for jersey/stretch fabrics, so NO SHARPS. I use sharps for pretty much everything else, though.

I used a twin needle to hem this dress, I don’t know what I’ve been doing all of these years without using a twin needle, but, I’m sad about it. I used said twin needle on a Bernina 750, it was very easy to thread, I didn’t know what to expect! Word to the wise, if you are using a straight-stitch plate for some seams, be sure to SWITCH BACK TO YOUR REGULAR PLATE. RIP, twin needle, RIP, I’ll always remember the times we shared.

Having a serger helps, but isn’t required. I do have a serger and it’s a great investment if you like making clothes. I just got a Bernina serger and damn, the stitches are beautiful on it!



Bobbin says, “Hello!”

Not really, he said, “Put me down, lady.”


Fabric is Dotted Boulevard by Sara Lawson/Sew Sweetness for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Owl and Drum has the Myrtle Dress pattern and it’s on sale this week! They also carry knits in their shop and other substrates that would make a fine dress.

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