Frock by Cotton + Steel

Cotton + Steel is releasing a new substrate to their bank of fabrics–rayon!

I was lucky to be able to sew up something with it before it hits the streets (this month).

frock fabric tour
C+S’s new line of rayon is called “Frock.”
I picked the gemstone print in navy, because, duh, NAVY.
Anyway, let’s talk about me and what I made with Frock.
When I saw the fabric, I knew that I needed to make a Myrtle dress by Colette Patterns.
I used the instructions for the woven Myrtle (the pattern was originally written for knits) and it’s a pretty easy sew, there’s elastic at the waist and the bodice is self-lined, the rayon is perfect for this!
Really, the cowl, though…

Don’t be afraid of rayon! Use pins to keep your fabric where you want it and take your time, but if you pin, you can go a little faster. It isn’t too slippery (some rayons are and a bit more wrinkly for that matter).

Cotton + Steel has done an excellent job with this substrate, it feels so good, it has a great drape, it hangs nicely. Mmmmm hmmmm.

Care instructions: I pre-washed my rayon in cold water, gentle and tumble-dried it on low. Dry cleaning was recommended, but, ain’t nobody got time for that. I did read that one of the testers said to handle wet rayon delicately, we do have time for that. Rayon does shrink (a little) so, prewash it!


PEOPLE, BUY ALL OF THE FROCK, I’m crushing on all of the prints pretty hard.

I noticed that Fancy Tiger Crafts has Frock for pre-order if you want to order it now.

You can look at the prints on Cotton + Steel’s site, take a few minutes to read/see the other Frock fabric projects in action:

Jaime from Fancy Tiger Crafts
Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts
Rochelle from Lucky Lucille
Christine Haynes
Devon Iott/ Miss Make

and stay tuned for the 3 more projects on the Frock Fabric Tour:

February 5 Anna Graham – Noodlehead

February 6 Oliver + S – Oliver + S

February 7 Rae Hoekstra – Made by Rae


Thanks to Cotton + Steel for the fabric, Amy Baldwin for letting my family run all over The Artifactory for these photos, Robin for moral support, & Jimmy for taking pictures with specific instruction

12 thoughts on “Frock by Cotton + Steel

  1. This looks great on you! I hope I get to see them at our local shops. I haven’t sewn with rayon before but I have worn rayon and love the drape. Enjoy your new dress!

  2. I love your frock! And I’m sooooo happy to see navy in so many of the new fabríc lines! I told my daughter to just wait, it will start showing up in ready to wear stores soon but she doesn’t believe me. I’m glad to see you’re leading the way!

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