Sew Off Week 2-Complete

I am here to report my Sew Off Challenge!

This post is over one month old, I just never uploaded the picture for it, anyhow, here it is:

I actually finished my skirt on time, I just needed to go out of town for 5-6 days on two different occasions. One week, I went to Quilt Market in Houston to find new fabrics & supplies for the shop, the next week, I went to Salt Lake City for Sewtopia. I was exhausted both trips and they were both great! Anyhow, here’s my Get Up and Go Skirt:


Get up and go lacework

I have worn this already and I have two more cut and ready to sew! This pattern was great and I see it being a staple all year, especially spring, summer, and fall…

I do believe our next challenge is the Sugar Pop Top, I’ll be getting that ready this weekend with one as a goal  very soon!

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