I want to share a few things that are not from Sew Off, I did make my skirt in time, just have not posted it yet…


Today is the last day to enter the drawing for a chance to win this quilt. I dig this quilt and will be on the edge of my chair to see the winner, Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild members did a great job putting this together (I made 2 4-patches, even). Go to OKCMQG’s site to read about the details.



Sew OK 2015


Registration for Sew OK is open! I found it best to get the big details out of the way before the holidays, which really start today with Halloween (I always feel incredibly busy in the fall).

I’m pretty excited about another Sew OK, Lizzy House will teach her Meadow Quilt on Friday and Saturday, Bernina OKC will provide machines for all of the attendees to use for the weekend! Read more about Sew OK at sew-ok.com.

Some sewists/quilters have already grabbed a seat and I’m so happy for that, makers are such great supporters and I am so grateful! Really, thank you all so much for encouraging, helping sew, throwing out ideas, teaching, assisting at the event, sponsoring, donating prizes, time, etc. It would be incredibly difficult to get everything pulled off without friends! Anyhow, you can buy your ticket here.


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