Sew Off Challenge, Week 2

This week, our Sew Off challenge is going to be the Get Up and Go Skirt by Deborah Moebes! I am excited to sew one of these skirts this week because I want to pair it with boots, because it’s cold now. Waaaaaaaaaaah.

You can read about Deborah’s skirt pattern on her website, Whipstitch.

Look at how adorable she is in one of her skirts:

Deborah's plaid skirt

Because I have plans to be on the move next week and sewing to get done for other deadlines, I am making a goal to make one skirt for this challenge. I know that I’ll make more later because I have a lot of fabric ideas in my head.

Be sure to check Lee’s (Freshly Pieced) blog to see what she is doing with this pattern, as well.

Go ahead and buy the Get Up and Go Skirt pattern: Whipstitch and let me know if you make one.




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