Sew Off Tank #3

This is my last tank for the first week of our Sew Off Challenge.

rayon challis tank

I used a rayon challis for this top, it has a nice drape/flow to it that feels really good! If you use rayon, you should definitely prewash it, in fact, prewash all apparel fabrics. I did not prewash my Liberty of London tank, but, that’s the only one that I didn’t wash first…

I will soon model a few of my pieces very soon, I do think that it’s important to show how clothes fit when we sew them, so get ready for that dressing room montage.

I gave myself a goal of two Tiny Pocket Tanks a week ago and I made three, so, this week’s challenge is COMPLETE. pats self on back and eats a cookie

Tomorrow, we will announce our next challenge, I’m excited about it! I’M EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING.




4 thoughts on “Sew Off Tank #3

  1. It would be really nice to see these tanks on you! After all, it isn’t about how they look on the hanger, it’s how they fit you!
    It’s awful taking photos of yourself in garments that you’ve made, but it does help you really see how they look and fit.

    1. Linda, It’s not awful, I totally don’t mind taking pics of myself, right now it’s faster to throw it on the fence & upload, I will model one soon, they fit me nicely! Thanks!

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