Sew Off Tank #2

Here is my second tank from the Sew Off!

dg tank front

I used a double gauze for this top and I love it!

dg tank back

The double gauze is pretty easy to work with except when I did the binding for the neck and arm holes, if I make another garment needing binding for finishing, I will use quilting cotton or voile.

Technically, I have completed my goal for this week’s challenge. Yay! Now, I will tell you that I have started a third one that needs binding attached!

I am ready to put outfits together for these tanks (I don’t want to only wear them with my one pair of skinny jeans), do you have a favorite type of skirt or pants that you like wearing with tops like this?

5 thoughts on “Sew Off Tank #2

  1. This is lovely. Did you have any issues when you cut the fabric? I am making one with double gauze as well and somehow one of the sides of the front bodice (hemline) is shorter than the other. Also the sides of the back bodice do not match with the front. Not sure if this is intended. I am a beginner and supposedly this would be an easy pattern but I am scared. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thank you.

    1. I did not have any issues, just make sure once you fold your fabric, you smooth it out flat and it should be ironed first. Only the seam/raw edges should match, it is shorter in the front at the hemline. Good luck!

      1. Hmm…I ironed it but I must have folded it incorrectly. Will remember not to be such a turkey when I am cutting the fabric for the next one. Thanks Jemellia! By the way, your posts are funny. So glad I ran into your website.

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