Liberty Trees

The day Sew OK ended, I thought that I’d be the supportive friend/patron and attend one of the two classes that Carolyn Friedlander was teaching at Oklahoma Quiltworks.

I was so tired, so very tired, I didn’t finish one block and I messed up a lot of times. Carolyn is a great instructor, I learned some neat tricks from her despite my shenanigans. You guys, I already know how to paper piece. I was such a bad student, technically, I guess that I was a great student because I didn’t interrupt and fixed my work without disrupting (is my shitty student bitterness showing?)

Anyway, here’s my finished tree:

I finished it yesterday & I’m starting to get my mojo back (it’s been gone all summer)! I made another block later that evening. I’m using Liberty of London for the trees, the pieces here are 9×13 and I have a decent piece left, much to my surprise.

I finally started quilting this last week:

It’s a quilt for our bed, I intended on having it complete for the summer, I guess I did not specify what summer, so, it’s all cool. Maybe I’ll still use it in the winter, is that too much white for the winter?

Pattern for tree blocks: Olive by Carolyn Friedlander

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