Improv Curves, Quilted

I made a decision to let go of the dream that I have endless hours in a day. By doing that, I have decided to send out more tops to be quilted, first up, my improv curves quilt:


Lynn Harris has started quilting for others now & I am thrilled about it. I love the designs that she quilted & the thread color! Lynn, I stole your photo so I could write this post.

This quilt has wool batting and will go on our bed later in the year.

I do have another quilt for summer that I should start quilting ANY DAY NOW. It has been basted since Memorial Day weekend…

Sew OK is just days away and maybe I can work on it sometime then, MAYBE.

2 thoughts on “Improv Curves, Quilted

  1. I love this so much. Well done. Also I share that illusion of more time. I am starting to get over it and keepy lists short and expect very little out if myself. So if I don’t take a nap I call it victory. So please take a nap on that quilt my bird.

  2. Smart choice to send quilts out for quilting. I need to do that too – the list of things I want to make far outweighs the reality of the time I have to make them.

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