WIP-Improv Curves Quilt

My improv curves quilt top is finally complete!

I went to Quilt Barn in Idaho with some friends and Amy was so sweet to assist in pressing all 100 of these squares as they came together in to 25 blocks. Sadly, I had to press each row as I sewed them at home.


one step closer
one step closer


I took this photo with my phone, I did take a few shots with my camera (don’t want to upload yet), and I also had to fight our dog, Bobbin, for the quilt top, you can probably see dog butt on that gray piece in the center bottom, I sigh. I am happy that he prefers to sit on them instead of eating them, but, damn, I barely hung up the top!



I think that I will send this out for quilting, I have a bunch of other things to accomplish and I like working on bindings in the summer months, although, I’m not sure how wool batting on an 80″x80″ quilt will feel…haha, it will feel great as I am not the biggest fan of air conditioning.

You can read more about the process of this quilt here.


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