4 Spring Tops

I finally finished all four of the tunics for the little, I cut them out in November thinking that I could work on them post wisdom teeth extraction–INCORRECT. After that week of inactivity, it was the holiday season and I had to put them aside. I buckled down and got to work on them at home and was determined to let her wear a size 7 while she still can, even though she just turned 7.



spring tops

She has a pair of jeans to wear for about another month, but, I think that a straight skirt or shorts will look good with the tops, too. I love this pattern, I made a few dresses for her from the Geranium dress pattern last year, it's a hit! All four of these button in the back, one has flutter sleeves, 2 are pleated, the other 2 are ruffled at the skirt, I like pleating better because I can knock it out so fast!


Oh yeah, I HAVE A DOG. 

Bobbin feasting


This guy was outside with us while taking pictures and he ate tree branches like they were chew toys, oh, that dog of mine!


Fabrics for tops:

Up, Up, and Away by Heather Moore 

Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller Fabrics

Bijoux by Bari J. (Art Gallery Fabrics)

Acacia by Tula Pink

You can find the pattern for the Geranium Dress at Made by Rae.


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