Get Your Curve On

It’s almost been a year since QuiltCon, I don’t think I blogged about it all, when I do stuff like that, I live to the max & am just DONE when I come home. I had a great time–too much fun really (there’s a limit on wine & seam ripper alcoholic beverages, I’ve learned). Yikes.

One of the classes that I had was Get Your Curve On by Sherri Lynn Wood, this was the one class that I had to have, I am still so happy that I was able to enroll in it. Sherri was a great instructor, I enjoyed this class and technique so much, I found her way to be soothing and not chaotic and it is much appreciated. I prefer not to give away the structure because you should take a class from her should you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Sherri.

After QuiltCon, I brought my wedges home in one big mess, in the spring, I broke it down in to 3-4 pieces and put it away. Yesterday, I was organizing an area of Je’s Bend and randomly started working on it. It grew and grew and grew! I finally put a stop to it and guess what–it is square! That is funny to me how things just happen, I think it’s Sherri’s mystical power…

Yeah, I do, maybe.

Now that the top is tackled, I need to figure out quilting, I think I will hand quilt this, I need a new project to take to dance & gymnastics.

Do you have any quilting suggestions? I mean, I’m probably not going to do it, but, you never know.

Get Your Curve On

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