3 Baby Quilts

phone post!

A sweet artist asked me to make 3 quilts for some young ones in her life, they are siblings and wanted to give them quilts for Christmas.


3 Baby Quilts

I went back and forth on what I would do for their quilts and finally stuck to a plan to use the same fabrics for the brothers with different blocks.

3 Baby Quilts

My intent was to make a wonky churn dash, but I didn't cut out (or even think about) the other set of bars around the square, OH WELL.  These 2 quilts have wool batting, doesn't it looks so fluffy and warm? 


3 Baby Quilts

Here is the sister's quilt, I used the St. Louis 16-patch block, it makes a quick and substantial quilt.

Christie said that the quilts were a hit!  That makes me happy because I am always nervous to hand over my work, especially when it's commission. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make things for others, but, damn, I sure get the sweats during those final moments.  

Speaking of commission work, I can't remember if I have posted about Sam Hunter's series on placing value on your work, but, here it is:  We Are $ew Worth It.  We are worth it, our time is worth it. Sew, Mama, Sew also has an article about the subject, read it, live it.

I have a few bee blocks to make and I need to finish my Shirts Swap blocks, I do them with a beer, it's always a fun time.


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