Shark Quilt

Our guild (OKC Modern Quilt Guild) meets at a place (Neighborhood Alliance) that has been very nice to us this year, we meet there monthly free of charge and since our guild is fairly new, we have been so thankful.  NA has an event each year where they honor a neighbor and they win awesome prizes, the OKCMQG donated this quilt that I made.  

shark quilt & Bobbin


Oh, I suspect you feel like I did when I tried to get pictures!  Bobbin loves fabric.  Anyhow, I wanted to use neutrals hoping anyone would love this lap quilt, I almost talked myself out of the lime backing and binding, but two guild members convinced me to go for it!  I'm glad that I did, I really like it!  I was pressed for time (as always!) and needed to make something quick, my original idea consisted of more work, but, I'll just save that for another project.


shark quilt

Good neighbor, I hope that you are enjoying your quilt!


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