BadAss x 2

This week, I'm featured as the quilter of the week at BadAss Quilters Society!  I'm excited and honored!  Yes, there are pictures of things that I only sewed, but, hey, it was hard work, too!  Thank you, Maddie for featuring me!

Big wing-ding

Speaking of BAQS, Maddie Kertay and Nicole Riveria are hosting a networking gala called The Big Wing Ding, if you are in the Houston area on October 27 (Quilt Market time), the event is 7-9 p.m.  I am a speaker as well Sara Lawson, Megan Frock, Bari J, Ebony Love, and so many more talented ladies!  There is a lot to learn there, we are speaking on our particular interests/expertise, I will speak about building a local sewing community and a little about modern quilting (as an interest, not expertise).  Buy a ticket and come to see us, we could all use the support!

from The Big Wing Ding's event page:

"If your business centers around the rapidly growing and changing quilting market I really encourage you to find time to join us and hear what these industry visionaries have to say! I think we all can agree that a change is in the air and there is no better way to see which way the wind is blowing than to hear people like."

Tickets are for sale here:  The Big Wing Ding

Share with anyone in Houston–friends, guilds, etc.!

Thank you!

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