Being a Kid is Hard

She asked why kids can’t watch television when they want and eat pizza when they want, looking as if she wanted to ask for weeks. We went through a scenario where she realized she doesn’t possess the ability to do those things on her own. Also, she concluded (with my help) that maybe she would grow up and still do those things or at her leisure, if she had the desire.

I usually walk around thinking, “Oh, it must be so easy being a kid,” I now realize that they have their days, too. She put Bobbin the dog outside so she could just play with her toys, I get it. I let her make that decision because I do want her to know her boundaries are to be respected. Also, I remember putting her in her own space so I could breathe…yesterday, even.

Hours later, she is lying on pillows and reading with zero cares. I’m doing laundry, meal planning, making impromptu treehouse forts, and wishing I was sewing.

We ate ice cream.

We are well.

Being a Kid is Hard

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