My Sewing Table, Painted

As promised, here are pictures of my desk that Mr. JemJam made.

I started painting it (while still in 3 pieces) and it took several nights, I enjoyed working on it after daughter was in bed, I moved a car out of the garage, turned on some jams, and got busy!  My husand sealed it for me and moved it to my studio and then put the top on with screws.  I quickly filled this desk!  No, really.


cutting desk


There is so much storage and the top holds 2 24″x36″ cutting mats, perfect for my small business, Je’s Bend.


cutting desk w/FW                                             my desk was scuffed up in the move, but, I was able to clean most of the smudges.  sigh.


If you have the room and use for anything that requires extra storage, I highly recommend this table, it would be a great piece for a shared space (kids books/crafts).

Plans for this desk are from Ana White.

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