Moving On

I’m in the process of opening my studio space to the public, I’ll have sewing classes for adults and kids 8+, along with that, I’ll offer 4 workspaces, each equipped with Bernina 350, basic notions, and a community cutting and ironing station. It has been fun (and draining) to get everything together. That’s for another time…

I have unpacked everything and realized that I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF. I’ve basically filled everything with fabric, I don’t want to put more storage in here because I do not want to cramp this small space.

I’m going to sell a lot of fabric, which kind of kills me, but before I commit, I want to know–do you use wide backings for quilts? Also, do you use solids often for backs? A lot of my bigger pieces are intended for quilt backs, but it takes up a lot of room.

I want to hear from my quilting friends! Thanks in advance!

Moving On

Moving On

8 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. I used to piece backs, but to be honest, once I’ve pieced a top I want to get it finished, so I’ve been using more and more wide backs and just buying them as needed. It’s getting easier now that there are starting to be a few more wide fabrics that are more appropriate for my quilts.
    I will kill someone for blue seeds and green bouquet. Just saying.

  2. Green bouquet is not leaving, sorry, I only have a yard!  I will have a FQ of blue seeds, but you will have to trade for it, labor is fine. Fun labor, like folding fabric.

  3. Let me know when you start destashing fabric. I like bright and happy colors for for Charleigh. 🙂

  4. Always pieced. Maybe nothing intricate…depends on the quilt, but I don’t keep yardage on hand. I like the challenge of finding something that goes along with it later. Helps to keep down on the matchy matchy. 🙂 Such beautiful colors…it makes my eyes happy.

  5. I almost always use one fabric for the back, or a sheet. Once I get to that point I am DONE and want to get the quilt sandwich put together. 🙂

  6. I like cheery prints fabrics. The turquoise eyelet on top pic on left is talking to me. Is it for sale?

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