My Sewing Table

This past fall, I made arrangements to move into a studio outside of our home to sew.  I have two desks with shelves on the sides in our "get crafty" room, but I wanted to leave one, and I still needed another.   I had no desire to buy one at Pottery Barn, but considered it.   I looked on-line to find a comparable desk and remembered bookmarking these plans by Ana White a while back.   I sent the link to my husband and asked if he could make this desk.  The directions looked so good, I thought that I could do it after learning how to use the table saw!   Alas, this was an opportunity for husband to play, I was not allowed to mess with his toys, just as he is not allowed to touch my scissors.  Well, he busted this out in 2-3 days after work and I love it!


My Sewing Table Ready for paint

Jimmy said that the instructions are written well, so, I looked at her blog a little more and saw that she had a book being released, YES, I bought it.  Yay, more projects for "us."


My Sewing Table She is amazed at his work.

I only took pictures unfinished with my phone, it's painted and full of shit now, I'll take a few pictures of it in use soon. I also only captured one photo without daddy's helper in it, but, I really wanted to show his achievement.


I love all of the shelves and the big top, it has been a great addition to my atelier and everyone is impressed that my husband made it, so am I.  

Jimmy made a few picture frames from the book and I want to make stuff together, but, what?  I think I want to make a coffee table.  What would you want to make?



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