Spring Top

I am going to post some of my clothes that I've made individually–with me actually wearing them.  Yeah, it's a challenge for me.  Isn't it nice to see how we look in the garments that we took the time to sew?


Spring topYeah, my head is down, this was the best pic, I'm not sure that I had even washed my face yet.


This is the Washi Dress pattern, made into a top.  I followed the instructions to topstitch the front and back facings on the outside of the blouse, I used a hera marker to outline the facings so I knew where to stitch, I like the look of it.

Yes, I bought these pants to go with this blouse.  I have fabric for another top to also match my blue pants. I feel like Martha and shit.  Don't you think that she would make something to match her clothes?  I do. Also, I don't know other people, so Martha is my fallback reference for most things creative.  Am I a pioneer woman?  I did gather sticks for a fire this weekend…


I am adding this shirt to the Spring Top Sewalong, look for one more from me!




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