WIP- String-Pieced Blocks

I'm working on a quilt that I've put off for a while…  

After cutting forty-nine 11×11 paper foundations and hundreds of fabric strips, I grew tired of it.  This will be a quilt for my 13 year-old sister's double bed, to coordinate with her room.  Well, now that I've put together so many blocks, I really like this project!  


sister blocks24 blocks down, 25 more to go. 


I went away for the weekend to a small sewing retreat with my husband's mom and friends, before leaving, I made a small ironing table using this tutorial, it really came in handy for this particular quilt block as you need to press it after sewing on each strip.


ironing tableHighly recommended at sew days and retreats!  



Kids Clothes Week is almost here!  Are you participating?  I might.



3 thoughts on “WIP- String-Pieced Blocks

  1. Very pretty blocks. She’ll love it! And thanks for that tutorial. What a wonderful idea. I feel a trip to Walgreens coming on! 🙂

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