WIP- Scrappy Dresden

A year ago, I made this dresden plate. I really love it & I wanted to just make a few more, I thought about it for a few weeks/months. I finally came to my senses that I do not have time for all of that business. There's about 25 other projects that I would like to start and not finish.


WIP- Scrappy Dresden


So, here's my wall hanging! I'm hand-quilting this with a Presencia #8 thread. I will work on this during daughter's dance, which is once a week, so, I should be done with it in 14 months….

My scrappy dresden mini quilt lives in this sweet-ass project bag. Thank you, Form&Fabric and QuiltCon!


WIP- Scrappy Dresden


I want to blog more, so, that means I will just take some pictures with my phone. I really feel like blogging is dropping off, maybe I am just telling myself that because I am in love with Instagram.


2 thoughts on “WIP- Scrappy Dresden

  1. Love everything about it! The colors. The fabric choices. The awesome scrapy-ness. And the perfect hand quilting. Can’t wait to see the whole thing once it’s done!

  2. This quilt peice is unlike anything I have ever seen, you know I love.
    Blogging is falling off, isn’t it? Part of my issue is I now read on my iPad and comment less. I think that keeps overall traffic down when everybody comments less.
    Anyway, we’re still here aren’t we?

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