Celebrate Handmade


That 9 pound baby that I had a few days ago turned six.  

Her birthday was during the week, so this was the skirt for her day.

She likes all colors, but, I don't do a lot of purple.

plum good

It's a Pink Fig skirt, easy, a lot of fabric was used.


She likes to contain things.

Drawstring bags

The first of many more drawstring bags for her.  She put an emergency journal and pencil and sunglasses in one for the ride to a birthday party.  Pattern by Jeni Baker.


Sometimes, she wears pants.


I thought that these pants were so cute!  I vowed to make a top to coordinate for her birthday as a gift (hey, she's getting close to where she can get clothes as gifts!).

How I only bought a yard of this fabric is beyond me, I guess I should be proud of being a moron.  I will get more immediately.  Anyhow, I had it lying around for a skirt for her, but, I know that this is a better use of the fabric.  It is the Ice Cream top, I added 2 inches to the bottom for a tunic.  I find that jeans/pants do not fit well at the waist, so, to comfort her and myself, I altered the pattern.  And what's up with the pants, people?  How are we giving people eyelash extensions and cankle liposuction and my child can't find pants to fit her waist?  Ugh!  


She had a party.

party room                            Well done, Pinkitzel.

The party room for her was decorated vividly and I wanted my munchkin to look like she was supposed to be there.

field study skirt                          Jona's skirt pattern

I thought it looked pretty damn good.


4 thoughts on “Celebrate Handmade

  1. I love that skirt so much! The pattern is adorable to begin with and your color selections really make it pop/look extra awesome.
    And that one yard of fabric isn’t because you’re a moron, it’s because you are prescient and knew that Murphy’s law dictates if you were going to pull of such an awesome birthday/birthday party, SOMETHING was going to have to go wrong. Cleverly, you made it something that could be easily remedied by buying more fabric. Well done.

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