those aren’t pillows!


PTS-received                      pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around

Last fall, I participated in the Pillow Talk Swap on Flickr, I shared the pillow I made already.  This is the pillow that I received from a different person.  Isn't it great!  She used fabrics that I really like and colors to match my studio!  She is a real sweetie, she even sent me some extra fabric from the pillow.  I love it so much!  Thanks Debra!



Dresden Pillow                            hand-quilted, for my pleasure

A local friend, Angelina, made this pillow for me!  It was a Christmas gift, which is so unexpected (I don't do Christmas with friends, just birthdays (it gets to be too much and I talk to A LOT of people, A LOT).  I gasped when I opened this, I love dresdens, I love these colors (obviously), and I really want more pillows right now!  The white plates really make the other colors shine, it is a hit!  

Angelina also gave me a label, "made with blood, sweat, + needles," I pinned it to the pillow for now, pretty funny!  My daughter (5) misread it as "sweet + neddles" and asked what that meant…

Thanks, Angelina!


*confession, those are pillows

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