New Clothes

It has been a long time since I've made clothes for E, I think December 2011 was the last time a sewed a frock for her.  I haven't necessarily purchased more clothes for her, either, she has a lot of skirts and dresses!  One thing about her clothes that are handmade–you can make them a great size (tad bit longer, for example) and they instantly have longevity.  Nice quality fabric wears well and washes well, it just goes the distance.


Our daughter is in kindergarten, she has school pics in November and of course, that's a holiday in my mind.  I whipped this up for her and she loved it, as do I!  I altered a Simplicity pattern (can't recall the number).


butterfly dressThat black and white fabric will be the death of me, I love it so.


I wanted to make another one of those dresses for Christmas time, but, I really was busy doing 17 other things, so, I made a skirt (Jona's favorite of mine) in a few hours.  

xmas skirtPink woodgrain trim…


Well, one goal for me in 2013 is to make a few more pieces for E this year, she will need a new coat next winter for sure!


Seriously, how did I make 2 pieces of clothing for her in 11 months??  

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