Pillow Talk Swap 2012-Sent

I was adventurous enough to sign up for a large swap on Flickr this fall–The Pillow Talk {Swap}!  They had over 100 participants, their biggest one yet!  I made a pillow for a lovely lady that lives in Canada, she seemed eager and easy to please, which is the best kind of partner.


Pts 2012


She loves blue, green, scrappy, and anything in between.

120 wedges + 6 circles = quite a bit of hand appliqué.

I was crazy enough to start with 9 dresden plates, but, the pillow was just too big, 6 plates is much better!

The pillow is approximately 22"x15", which is just right.  

I'll show you my pillow that matches my studio (yes, I have a little studio now!) next year.



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