I submitted this quilt to QuiltCon's juried show, I'll be happy if it is accepted and happy if it isn't.  I had plans to make this since the spring.  My niece cut out blocks from magazine pages and I thought that it would make a groovy quilt.  

I quilted each block differently, yes, it took a long time.  Next, I quilted the the background, I feel like it grew as I quilted it, this project swallowed my entire week!  I did not have time to post about the progress because I made it in 5 days, it's now balled up in the corner of my studio, just as I was on Friday night…


StackedI'll be notified at the end of this month if I am able to ship this baby to Austin!


I am prepping for Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar for the rest of the week, toodles!


One thought on “Stacked

  1. I know you’re still busy rocking back and forth in the corner, butnthevresult is overwhelming and stunning.
    I applaud you doing hard things and creating your art.
    Well done, love, now get up and fix your eyebrows.
    Also pinning this…

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