I finished my Bella quilt, a local woman, Wendy quilted it for me and I love it! 

IMG_1934mmm, crosshatch… 

I attached the binding by machine, it can be a bit fussy, it takes a lot of practice!  I have not clocked that many hours on the skill, but, I am will keep trying.  I still like hand stitching bindings, but, sometimes, a girl has to move on to new, possibly, unfinished projects.

IMG_1930I do not always want a quilt with visible stitches, but, sometimes, it's fine.



I am tickled pink to share this—

IMG_1930my first needle-turn applique project!

I am done with this Merry Merry Snowman quilt top!  I did needle-turn appliqué on all 9 blocks–it is easily over 100 hours of work, hell, at least 150 hours.  I still cannot believe that I'm done with this part!  I sent this away for quilting, Wendy will do some custom quilting, I'm excited to get it back.  I'll talk more about this when I finish it.


If you are interested in reading a little about me and quilting(I know you are), I did an interview with Amanda for our guild–OKC Modern Quilt Guild, you can read it on that blog.  I welcome your comments.


This week, I'm headed to a nearby city's quilt guild to do 2 presentations on modern quilting with a fellow guild member.  I'm anxious today as we finish preparing our material, I might be crazy.  


I went to International Quilt Market in Houston a week ago, look for some posts soon!


I am linking to OKCMQG's "Flaunt Your Finish" feature, which I plan to do often, maybe you will, too?

Flaunt Your Finish


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