Hex Yes

Phone post–I'll format this better, later, maybe.

I'm in the parent area while my kiddo is learning ballet, in my lap is this glorious combo of strawberry, stone, aqua, & cherry red…mmmm, I cannot get enough of it. Anyhow, I am paper piecing 23 2" hexagons to make a little throw pillow (after being placed in a lucite box). This is the perfect project to have at ballet, gymnastics & soccer, too bad the hexagons are big, I will not have much longer to work on it.


Hex Yes

Basting stitches in place, hand piecing hexagons now.



I really want to make a grandmother's flower garden quilt in a queen size. I want to take my time with it. I don't know what I want to use for colors, I will use tiny prints (maybe 30s prints) and I'm leaning towards the color scheme of the hexi pillow, I don't see tiring of it on our bed in 2016 when I finish it.

I am working on about 10 things right now, a part of me wishes that was a joke.

I want to blog more about my process with pretty much everything I'm making just to chronicle it better & for anyone interested in seeing things come together. I just do not take the time on the computer to write posts anymore. I might get on my laptop once a day–might. I may just blog more from my phone, the photos are not awesome, but maybe I'll save the camera for finished projects–I can handle that!

I have become a member of the OKC Modern Quilt Guild this year after flirting with the idea for a long time. I enjoy the group and our activities and look forward to years ahead! We have a group project almost complete and I'll breathe a heavy sigh once its done!  I booked a quilt retreat for us, it is just after Thanksgiving, so, it will be a nice treat!

I signed up to do Pillow Talk Swap on Monday, very excited about that!

I am interested in the 4×5 bee, I joined that group this week!

I'll leave you with this bag that I made last week when I should have been working on my zipper bags…


Hex Yes

Pattern by Jen Giddens.


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