At the Cabin

Each summer, the 3 of us take a few trips to my husband's parents' cabin.  They go out year-round, but with a school-age daughter, we find it convenient to go when school is out of session.  


E likes to wake up at 6:30 and watch birds feed, they get a lot of hummingbirds ("honey birds"), gold finch, and nuthatches. Roger & Sally drink coffee on the deck, talk, and read, E enjoys hot chocolate while she observes birds (and the occasional fox!), reads, but mostly, talks.





Jimmy wakes up in time to take E to breakfast and I enjoy sleeping in or just lounging around in silence. 

Sometimes, after breakfast, Jimmy will float with his dad or brothers, lately, they take kayaks.



Recently, we played croquet at night, from 8:30-10:30!  


Here is E, kicking back (meditating?).



I always bring a hand-sewing project and stitch away on the porch and watch E at the playground, it's fun when other children are out.

Time at the river is usually after lunch, followed by naps for all just in time for dinner.


E at cabin


Sometimes, we go to cocktail parties, and maybe I'll show up with sangria. Maybe we drink it all.


Sangria photo


I've barely covered what all we do, but, this is the first time that I've taken pictures out there!  We go out to just "be" and it's lovely to do so.  








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