Girl, I’ll Block You

Thanks to my friend, Angelina, I am a proud member of do. Good Stitches.  Our circle, Harmony, donates 10 quilts a year to Project Linus.  I am a quilter in the group and August is my first month to head a project.  I *think* I know what I want us to do for a quilt.  

I'd like to post each month my blocks and maybe it will spark more interest in donating sewn goods to charity.  


For July, we were instructed to use lime greens and yellow-greens with gray to make wonky log cabins, in a traditional log cabin color layout.  This is such an easy block, but I cannot explain why it took so long to make.  I mean, I only had one glass of sangria.

wonky log cabins

and my second one:

wonky log cabins


I made these blocks for the May quilt, cute little granny squares.  (I took this photo very late at night)
Granny squares!


I contributed this block to project that I will speak of at a later time.  The star pattern is from Fresh Lemons Modern Quilts.

Paper pieced star



This spring, while my husband and daughter put together a Lego Death Star, I sat out with them and sewed up this Single Girl block.  I used a Ruby charm pack and Art Gallery's white.  Now, I want to make a big one for our bed, but maybe I should just make a throw size to finish it and do something else.  I always want to make quilts big enough for our bed, but, a throw is more practical, because, I can use/display it in more places in our home.  Once I get dressed in the morning, I do not spend any time in our bedroom, so I should put some quilts elsewhere. OMG, I'm boring myself!

Enlighten me–when you are planning a quilt, how do you decide on a size?

Single girl block



Well, here's a block from my aforementioned friend, Angelina.  


Angelina okc

We are members of OKC Modern Quilt Guild and are working on a group project, she volunteered (without a taser) to make an OKC block.  

Amazing, right?  

AND we were in the NBA finals AND American Idol is here right now AND it's 108 degrees outside, yes, we are a HOT city! 


2 thoughts on “Girl, I’ll Block You

  1. Love that single girl!!! Did that take the entire charm pack?
    The OKC block rocks of course. And I can’t wait to get around to my Granny Squares. I have my stuff cut for it, but haven’t made it yet.
    To answer your question. When I’m going to make a quilt the first thing I decide is it’s purpose. So, that gives me the size. Now deciding on a pattern? That’s a whole different problem for me. I have a hard time committing. 🙂

  2. Thanks! No, there’s just 31 prints in the block and some pieces are small enough that when I make another block, I can squeeze an additional piece out of the 5″ square. I bought a fat eighth pack of Ruby to make this quilt. When? I have no idea.

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