The Queen of Tedious

Yes, it's true, I somehow gravitate towards the tedious, thank you, Amanda for that observation, but, now I cannot avoid it.

So, here are some tedious works that I recently finished.

I used a pattern for this, it is "Hoo's My Baby?" by Bunny Hill.  This was fun to sew.  I did ask someone else to quilt it, as I had deadlines to consider.



I fussy-cut the borders for the quilt and had a lot of fabric left, so I made a double dresden pillow & finished it with binding, I love the result–looks like piping. 




This is a too-long pinwheel quilt, seriously, it is getting a "This Took Forever" label on the back. The pattern is from Thimble Blossoms & fabric is Hello Luscious by Basic Grey. After piecing this, I opted for simple, sparse quilting, just diagonal lines in one direction. 


Here is the back, it is small enough to use a single cut of fabric. 



Both of those quilts are hanging at Oklahoma Quiltworks, my local quilt shop, also, I work there once a week.  I love it there, all of my worldly problems disappear when I walk through the door.  Aaahhh.



And I just finished this!  


Hanging for quilt show tonight!


2 friends and myself each enlarged a traditional quilt block to 60", we all picked a different block and we used the fabric line, Washi.  I made a cobblestone block and when I calculated each square, I did not take into consideration that they are on-point and my quilt is 77" big!!  Of course!  77!  I think I have a name for it now!


And for the back, since I thought my quilt would be 60", I bought enough black stars to accommodate, after miscalculating said quilt, I have to improvise for the back, I took scraps and put them in a bag and cut and pieced whatever I pulled out, it made the process mindless and fast!  I thought of doing one tiny cobblestone and felt like I did not have the time, but I couldn't make the thought go away, so i had to do it!  It is 6.25" square, I cut 40+ 1 3/8" squares for that block!  I do love it!


Back of 77


Well, "77" will be on display tonight at the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild's show at The Parish during LIVE on the Plaza.  I'm excited about the show, we setup for it yesterday and it looks great, there are a lot of talented people in our metro!  If you are local come out sometime between 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. and catch of glimpse of our threads.

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