Mats for Mugs

For mothers day, I bought teacups and whipped up little mats to coordinate, I made them a size to accommodate a small plate for crumpets, oh, you don't eat crumpets? 

Mattie Kate

for my grandmother, Mattie Kate



for my mom, Val


for my husband's mom, Sally


This mug rug is a teacher's gift, for the past two years, Cheryl has been a great insight in my life and an excellent teacher to our budding human.  I am pleased to have discovered Montessori schooling, it is an extension of our home and really made sense for E to attend and Cheryl has done a great job guiding and instructing our daughter.  




Just like moms, there are a lot of teachers out there, some just fell into the position, some are seeking meaning for their own existence, some know that they have something to offer others and possess the necessary skills to explain, guide, and teach. 
When we recognize it, we should take the time to tell those in our lives (even if a mere acquaintance) to continue doing well, but, only if they are doing well (if not, we end up with television shows like The New Girl). So many times, we share the terrible and it needs to be known, that's for sure, but let's give more love when it is appropriate.  Let's help calibrate self-esteems as they are out of whack–some of the worthy are under-appreciated and going unnoticed while the shitty are taking control.  
I'm out.



6 thoughts on “Mats for Mugs

  1. These are so great! I need to make some. And that churn dash block is looking promising for my newly purchased Seaside fabric. So now I’m torn between that, the dresden, and a log cabin (wonky or not). Hmmm….
    And way to get heavy at the end there. Unexpected. 🙂

  2. Thanks! These were fun to make & I hand quilted the dresden.
    Log cabin or churn dash would be great with Seaside!
    I’m going to do a dresden class in the fall at OK Quiltworks.
    I do get heavy with it, don’t I? Heavy J in the house!

  3. Jemellia, I love the mug mats, and as a 35-year teacher and principal, I greatly appreciate your comments about good teachers. I am glad E is a Montessori kid; I should’ve guessed from her unrestrained enthusiasm and precocious intellectual curiosity…

  4. Of course….
    Of course we love Gretchen.
    It makes more sense all the time.
    Great teachers are everything.
    Everything, unless of course you receive one of those mug mats…

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