Merry Works

I saw a cute pattern by Bunny Hill & thought that it would make a great Block of the Month for my local quilt shop (I spend 6 hours a week there working!).

Merry Merry Snowmen is done in Kaari Meng's (all hail) newest release called Rouenneries Deux and of course, I wanted to make this quilt! I am in charge of making the model and the BOM program started this month (it ends in November 2012). 


Merry Works


 I have 4 blocks complete & 5 left! I have all of the backgrounds pieced and have started appliqué on 2 of them.


Merry Works


Yes, I am doing needle turn, I use freezer paper and I am sometimes enjoying the process.


Merry Works


The blocks are time-consuming, as you must imagine. I would not be Jemellia if I didn't take on things that take a long time. I have learned a lot since my first block and I hope to learn more as I go on. Feel free to wish me luck.

Merry Works


*post done from my phone along with pictues, don't hate…

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