Journal for Five

The five year old is now journaling and still showing great love for calendars since discovering one.


She updates this calendar every morning, I seriously have not touched it once since hanging it. One day, Jimmy thought that it would be funny to change the date to Jan 31 from the 5th, the next time that she walked by the calendar, she noticed, complained, told me about it, and corrected it.


Journal for Five


Back to journaling…

In 2011, she insisted on putting the year on everything that she put on paper. I felt that it was time to show her how to date entries, once was all she needed…


I want to share her first few entries, I hope that she doesn't mind…


She received a "special camera" from a special bird, this was her first day to use it.

Journal for Five


Yes, a MERMAID house (not a mermaid's house), mermaid cats, and snow.

Journal for Five


A princess waiting to paint.

Journal for Five


Each page in the notebook has the brand on it & my little lady crosses it out on every page. I love that so much.


You guys, five is magical.

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