I do not want you to stay little.

I want you to grow and be the confident and independent little lady that you have been since your first days.

Go ahead, eat the frosting off of your cupcake first.

Keep updating calendars & making your bed each morning.

Continue to draw and write random things daily, especially in the morning, it will make your day even better.

Wear a skirt and play soccer. And win, or just have fun.

Love journals and pencils forever.

Don't give names to toys if you do not want.

Love Darth Vader, zombies, unicorns, & cats and own one pair of pants if you'd like.

Yes, if you see someone doing it wrong, show them how to use a knife, even if they are 8+ years older than you…

Keep drawing zombie Rapunzels.

Continue to question people, especially when they tell you "girls can't marry to a girl."

Yes, you can dance all day and night in that party dress. Who cares if someone thinks it is uncomfortable.

Continue to be selective. I see what it can do to people when they lower their worth.

We love you, little stinker! And yes, you can have an alarm clock now.


8 thoughts on “Five

  1. I love it! She is the sweetest, most intelligent little zombie rapunzel drawing artist ever! 🙂
    That was a mouthful! Super cool party for a super special 5 year old!

  2. Amen to all of that! What a sweet and entertaining young lady you have there. I love the part about being selective. I see that with my daughter as well and am glad she is “picky” about who she likes and trusts.

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