Sweet Quilt

Well, I did finish this quilt in 2011 as I wanted!


Sweet Quilt

I loved getting cozy on the couch and watching Law & Order, Willy Wonka & Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (or whatever it's titled), also, just watching my old lady dance as I sewed on the binding. I'm ready to put binding on a few more!

The quilt is on my nearly 5 year old's bed, we love it so much in there! I chose fabrics to match her room, some of them I've had for years knowing their destination.


Sweet Quilt


I hope that she keeps her quilt for a long time, I still need to embroider a label for it, still deciding on what to say…


6 thoughts on “Sweet Quilt

  1. Your princess must always have a good night sleep with that lovely quilt. It reminded me of the quilt I used to have on my bed when I was her age. It was from my grandma. I liked it so much because of its car design.

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