Bag Break…

Guys, I am not keeping up with the bag challenge, I am directing my time to other projects that I am highly interested in right now and I feel like I should take advantage of the opportunity.  I want to finish the challenge, but, I am going to space it out a bit.  I'll have a plan by the end of November AND I WILL HAVE IT POSTED!  I want to write other blog posts right now, but I cannot ignore the lack of challenge posts.  


I'm finishing up some small bags for a craft show on Saturday, I'm a little stressed about it because it is the first time that I will not have a lot of items, I never planned to make a lot because I am working on sewing models for spring classes and I always plan to do too much and I feel crazy.  


Also, Thanksgiving.  I can't even think about next week until Sunday has passed.  


My brain is feeling like a game of Tetris right now.  


Maybe I can sleep a little easier tonight after publishing this post.


I am going to have a fun weekend, I'm so excited!

5 thoughts on “Bag Break…

  1. Craft shows and holidays can be stressful for sure, but I think it’s generally a good kind of stress. You know what I mean? The kind of stress that gets you motivated even if it does make you go a little crazy.

  2. Hey there! Hope you’ve been doing better as of late! Just wanted to pop in and say that my friend loved your aprons and bags at Deluxe. 😀

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