1001 Degrees

I've been breaking out in sweats lately, no, it's not the 110 degree temperature.

You all, I have quilt fever….

I did get a prescription for it: 4 yards of fabric to be taken over a weekend by sewing machine following strict instructions.




The prescription helped a little.


IMG_1390Quilted by Wendy Wells here in OK.

I felt well enough to go outside…


But, I didn't sleep enough and the fever has returned…

Also, you may now want to get checked, I heard that it is contagious.  

Sorry about that.


11 thoughts on “1001 Degrees

  1. shut up! this is amazing. I bow to your quilting prowess. Wow. Ok, now I really gotta get going on my pidly little block quilt I’ve been blowing off all summer….

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