The Crafty Ornithologist

It's true, there are bird lovers at this home, the most involved is the tiny one.  At the hopeful age of 1, she was certain that she would catch a robin, they would taunt her by letting her get close and as she went in for the grab, they would fly away! She did not let that stop her, although at 4, she no longer tries to do it.  Each year since, I've taught her the common birds that we see out of our window, I could not believe that she learned so many so fast, oh, our little orny! 


Here is a nest that she made for a dead worm.


Photo 3-9

 My best Bird sent me The Cornell Lab of Ornithology this summer and we hit the ground running!  Each Monday we go to CLO and focus on 2-3 birds, we look at their pictures, videos (if available), talk about which part of the world in which they live, and listen to their calls/songs.  It was fitting to start with a robin bird, after the lesson, I printed an embroidery sheet that I found online (The Floss Box) and let my little orny color it, she wanted to send it to Robin "because she will be so exciting!"  That suggestion lead to an addition to the lesson–bird craft/art.  


Photo 3-9


I found these 2 birds and she colored them as chickadees.  




 For 2 separate sessions, I sewed some birds while she filled them with cotton.




I showed E how to sew the tail closed, she did it all by herself!  Also, we were still in pjs.

  Photo 4

Her little babies…



Mommy, daddy, and kid bird…



Stay tuned for the sequel! 

She calls robins "robin bird" to make a clear distinction between the person and the winged creature, you know, we adults are just so crazy!

Thanks for thinking of us, Robin!

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