Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover–Completed and 2 Winners

Well, we have completed our checkbook covers and I'm already dreaming about sewing my bag for May!  This month's project was pretty fast to sew!  Seriously, it took longer to cut and fuse than it did to sew.  I see a few more being made for gifts by the year's end.  There were not a lot of submissions for this project–it really was easy and a great project to learn how to layer pockets and use magnetic snaps if you have not done that before.

If you are considering this project, you just need scraps of fabric (maybe from a previous project in the book), I made cardstock templates for easy cutting.

I would love to hear from the Style Stitchers that DID NOT use home decorator weight fabric–How do you like your result?  I used home dec fabric and I love it, it is very nice and crisp.  

Here is a picture of my inside: 


image from
I'll follow up with a better lit picture(s) tomorrow, it was a dreary day today and I missed out on good lighting.



Maria shall laugh every time that she uses her new wallet…

image from

Emily's bag has dots and more dots…

image from


Here's a bright cover from Sperluette, it will not get lost in a bag!


image from


Everyone (even if you are still working on your bags) should give yourself a pat on the back and put cheese on your next sandwich!  You deserve it.  Congratulations on making your bag, they are all great, by the way! 


For April, The Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge 2011 sponsors are:


Above All Fabric, who is awarding a $25 gift certificate!


 Fat Quarter Shop, who is awarding a $50 gift certificate!



Now, let's announce the 2 winners for this month's challenge.

I used Random Number Generator to select the winners…


image from

And Adrian!!

image from


Congratulations, ladies!  

Now, you must SEND ME AN E-MAIL TO CLAIM YOUR GIFT CERTIFICATE.  The first person who sends me a message gets to pick first, the second person gets the alternative gift certificate.  You can reply to this post if you like, but you must send me a separate e-mail to claim your prize.  

My address is jemelliahilfiger AT  I suggest copying and pasting it to get it correct.  

If you have not e-mailed me within 7 days, I will draw for another winner.


Congrats to everyone who made a bag for the challenge, told someone about the challenge, or both!


A very big thank you to our April sponsors!

Fat Quarter Shop and Above All Fabric!


Check back tomorrow for May's bag post. 



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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover–Completed and 2 Winners

  1. Congrats to the winners! I did not use home dec fabric and think it came out fine. It was a pretty easy project to sew.

  2. Congrats to the winners! I used regular quilting cotton and was really pleased with the result. I’m not sure I’d even want to use home dec on this, as the bulk at the flap was already so thick that my machine argued with me about topstitching through it all.

  3. Hi Jemellia,
    First of all, Great Stuff at Glitter Market!!! Next question, I was looking at the pictures on Jackie’s blog and I absolutely love the dress you’re wearing. Guess I was too mesmerized by all of the stuff on Saturday to notice. I’m sure you made it but would you be willing to tell me what patter you used? I just love how you paired it with the cardigan. So pretty but yet so comfy looking. Thanks so much.

  4. Hi Cindy! Thanks for the compliments! I did make my dress! I used the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler.  The dress has several lengths & is lined. I'm making another this week for a wedding. 
    Jemellia Hilfiger

  5. Excellent effort in this site i read it thoroughly and got it mind and also adopt this information for our business
    this information gives me a lots of knowledge your information extra guidance about the future
    work ….thanks for share me…

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