Glitter Market!


Hey everyone!  I am doing Glitter Market again!  Cindy decided to give spring a chance and I think that it will be a fantastic event!  

Unfortunately, my bird will not attend, I am thinking of her all the time right now and maybe she'll feel like leaving her nest.  Really, I just want her to grieve and feel well, it sucks when people that we love die.  We do love & miss you, Robin!

Holly, we are also sad that you will not be joining us.  I wish your healing to be fast and not painful, bionic woman, you!

So, Jackie Peters will be there with so much of her fabulous items, really, so many things!  The star of the show, for sure!  I already have my eye on one of her Colette Pillows.  

Amy Baldwin, one of my most excited friends, will be there with her mosaic beauties–her windows will make your stomach hurt!  What?  You don't believe me?  Check out her windows gallery.

Linda Land will be there along with her friend Brenda Little, they are both extraordinary artists!  They create beautiful things for you to wear or for your home to wear.

Jill & Susan will be selling baked goods again!  Mmmm!  I had one of their lemon bars and they were really good!  Okay, 2 lemon bars.  I make lemon bars and I love mine, now, I love theirs, too!

Medeah Kitsmiller will be there, she teaches classes at Paper Crown, here's a peek at what she will have in store.

Martha Green and Valisha Hall are also 2 vendors that will participate in tomorrow's big event.  You may take a look at their work on Paper Crown's blog.

Donna Layton will be there with some of her famous wallpaper packs and she's painting now, she has those there as well!  I'm looking forward to being next to her!

I am excited to be a vendor as well!  I will have plenty of aprons and tiny embroidered bags to sell.

Here's a peek:


We will be in the store next to Paper Crown tomorrow!  Get in line and bring your bucks!


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