Reversible Everyday Shopper–Completed and 3 Winners

Our shortest month has past and our easiest bag for the challenge is complete.  I'll move quickly as there are 3 winners to announce and I have another blog post to write today and a zipper sew along to edit.



Soul_Sister added a ruffle to her pocket, it gives some height and dimension.  The colors and print are swell.


amy butler shopper a side


Amandamo511's Dia de los Muertos is alive and kicking!  Could there be a better green print for this bag?  

Style Stitches month 2


The lace, the buttons, the crisp orange pocket…

Everyday Shopper - February


Jamie used a tea towel as her pocket and I can see the city in which I live on it. Biased, maybe?  What of it?

Everyday Shopper Amy Butler


and then this…

Shopper Front

….speechless, I am.


Everyone (even if you are still working on your bag) should give yourself 2 pats on the back and have an extra cookie with breakfast!  Congratulations on making your bags, they were all great, by the way!  This was a pretty easy bag to make, if you are new to bag making, you have hopefully acquired some new skills!


** If you are making the Reversible Everyday Shopper (from the book Style Stitches) and need some guidance, I made a quick sew-a-long right here.  You can see my bag there.  If you just want some inspiration, check out the SSMBC 2011 flickr group to see all of the bags submitted.  


For February, The Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge 2011 sponsors are:

Above All Fabric, who is awarding a $25 gift certificate!


and Fat Quarter Shop, who is awarding a $50 gift certificate!


Now, let's announce the 2 winners for this month's challenge.

I used Random Number Generator to select the winners…

Ballet Amy's Orange Sweetness bag:


Orange Sweetness Interior


Krafy Kraut!  Check out her post to see pictures of the opposite side and the interior of her bag.

Everyday Shopper


Congratulations, ladies!  

Now, you must SEND ME AN E-MAIL TO CLAIM YOUR GIFT CERTIFICATE.  The first person who sends me a message gets to pick first, the second person gets the alternative gift certificate.  You can reply to this post if you like, but you must send me a separate e-mail to claim your prize.  

My address is jemelliahilfiger AT  I suggest copying and pasting it to get it correct.  

If you have not e-mailed me within 7 days, I will draw for another winner.


Congrats to everyone who made a bag for the challenge, told someone about the challenge, or both!


A very big thank you to our February sponsors!

Fat Quarter Shop and Above All Fabric


I'll have March's bag post ready later today.  It will be in the 70s outside and we have seeds to start and soil to aerate!   

Oh my, we have 3 winners this month!  The third winner is for the book Style Stitches!  

Random Number Generator picked #4, who is Kelly Bowser.  I had to put your whole name–there were 2 Kelly Bs that commented!


Kelly said:
Ooooh I love AB patterns! My birthday is next week and love to make a new bag with my birthday fabric! I'm up for the challenge!

Send me your address to my e-mail account and I'll get that to you this week!  I hope to see you in the challenge for March!
Big ups to Chronicle!  It took a while, but we got that book!


8 thoughts on “Reversible Everyday Shopper–Completed and 3 Winners

  1. This is a fun challenge. Already thinking of fabric for the next challenge. I love making zipper bags. Gorgeous bags and congrats winners.

  2. Beautiful bags! I ordered the book and am now anxiously awaiting its arrival. Silly question here … I’m new to this blogging thing and wanted to add your monthly bag challenge button to my blog, but I can’t figure out how. Any advice? Thanks!

  3. Congrats to the winners! There were so many fabulous bags this month– it definitely helped motivate me to finish mine. 🙂

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